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Mail Ballot

How do I apply for a Mail Ballot?

Before you can receive your mail ballot you must first be a registered voter.

If you would like to register to vote please complete a Voter Registration Form. http://www.elections.ri.gov/voting/registration.php .
Military and overseas voters may also register to vote and request a mail ballot using the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) http://sos.ri.gov/elections/voters/overseas/

Once you have registered to vote you must submit a mail ballot application. You must complete a mail ballot application for each individual election you wish to vote in. To obtain a mail ballot application you can…

  • Download one from the RI Secretary of States website http://sos.ri.gov/elections/forms/
  • Pick up, or have someone pick up an application at your local board of Canvassers
  • Call your local board and have them send you an application

Mail ballot applications must be filled out completely and received by your local board no later than 4:00 P.M. on the 21st day before the election or primary in which you wish to vote. Please note that the application has to be physically at the local board by 4:00 P.M. on the deadline. Postmarked applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. Local Boards will not be responsible if you fail to deliver a properly completed application by the deadline.

If circumstance arises within 20 days of the primary or election which prevent you from going to the polls on Election Day, you will be able vote an emergency mail ballot. http://www.elections.ri.gov/voting/emergency.php

More on voting by mail

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